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Q&A with our Takapuna Skin Expert Raechel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our lovely Raechel at Takapuna has just reached her two-year anniversary. What a gem! I’m so glad we found her (or she found us) – she has been such an asset to the team.

Raechel had an epiphany in her mid-thirties and went for a complete career change. Whilst studying beauty therapy, she decided she had a passion for skin and tells me that even then she aspired to work at The Face Place. She completed her training with honours and was awarded ‘Best Body Therapist’. She has now had seven years of industry experience and is a wealth of knowledge, although she is likely to play this down. I’m always impressed with her knowledge and eagerness to learn. Raechel has excelled in what we do best at the Face Place – treating the skin holistically and progressively through topical nutrition. She has a comprehensive understanding of skin conditions and which product and treatment plan will suit each condition best.

Not only will Raechel confidently and effectively guide you on your skincare journey, but she is also an absolute pleasure to be around! Her down-to-earth and caring nature puts our lovely clients immediately at ease. 

– Lauren, Skin Team Leader.

Q&A with Raechel

When did you become a skin therapist and what made you choose this field?

7 years ago. I have always loved looking after my own skin. My friends always joked that my room was like a skin clinic when I was young with all the products I had. I wanted to help others with their skin. It really affects a person’s confidence when your skin doesn’t look great.

What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

Dermaplaning and a peel combined. Adding the dermaplaning to a peel really steps up the results of the treatment and skin looks amazing afterwards.

What treatment do you think is underrated?

Healite, especially for compromised skins. A course of Healite works by stimulating collagen and elastin in the skin – adding a Healite to a treatment really boosts the results of whatever skin or injectable treatment you’re having, but many of my clients enjoy them as standalone appointments. 

It is painless, safe for all ages and skin types, and stimulates the healing process at a cellular level, repairing and reversing damage (it’s a win:win). It is especially good for evening tone and texture, and for people with impaired skin, such as redness, rosacea, dermatitis. It is not invasive, and it’s so relaxing, like lying on an island somewhere while receiving a massage. All that’s missing is the cocktail!

What are the most rewarding treatments to do?

I love doing skin consults – when clients come back for their first treatment after using the skincare for four weeks, their skin has already improved so much. I always get emails from clients saying ‘I can’t believe how quickly my skin has improved’. One client that I will always remember first came to me about her acne, and she kept her head down and always wore her hair down to cover her face. She was using makeup to cover her skin up. After starting the skincare and having peels she began to wear her hair up, hold her head up and even wore no makeup. She was so happy and her confidence grew so much. Best feeling ever being able to help someone and make that difference. I also love the dramatic change a course of Healite LED can make! 

How have things changed since you started in skincare?

People are wanting skincare and treatments that do something, that create change. Years ago it was more about the fluff, the relaxation, the smell, the feel of a product.

What are your favourite skincare products and why?

I have 3. I love Refine Plus from Cosmedix, an amazing Vitamin A serum that really improves the texture and tone of the skin. Also, my gold roller from Environ. This tool helps the product penetrate better and since I have started using this regularly it has really stepped up my homecare routine and I have seen even better results within my skin. And finally, Aspect Dr Active C feels great, brightens the skin and leaves you with a glow. 

If you could only recommend one tip for great skin to patients, what would it be?

Don’t underestimate the power of a really good cleanser – it makes such a difference to your skincare routine. If your cleanser is not effective enough, is stripping and taking away all the good oils and essential fatty acids, or is leaving residue behind, then your skin will not absorb the serums you apply as well as it should. It can lead to a stripped and impaired barrier.

What do you wish more people knew about skincare and treatments?

That over-the-counter products are just not effective enough. You need products that are medical-grade and have the right amount of active ingredients with a good delivery system for them to be effective. Treatments make a big difference to your skin and really accelerate results.

Can you ever overdo the skin treatments?

Yes, definitely. Less is best. For example, too much exfoliating will leave skin stripped, red, dry and increase breakouts. It’s always best to focus on nourishing and feeding the skin, and consulting a skin therapist for the best advice when it comes to treatments and how often.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about skin?

That they will get great results with skincare alone. While you can make a vast improvement with the right skincare, you still need to look at other aspects. It is also not just about treating the skin topically, but diet, stress and sleep play huge parts in how healthy your skin is.

Which ingredients do you think are the most important to look for in skincare?

Vitamin A is number one and SPF. Vitamin A repairs DNA damage and is cell-normalising. SPF is key in preventing ageing.

How did you get so good at neck and shoulder massage?

Probably from all the full-body massages I was doing before joining The Face Place 😊


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