Dr. Jenni Irvine

Wrinkle reduction treatments
Non-surgical facial restoration and enhancement
Excessive sweating



I am not afraid of ageing and actually embrace the sense of self-acceptance and confidence I feel as I get older, BUT it is so empowering to be in control of this journey on my face.


Dr Jenni worked as Specialist General Practitioner for 10 years before her mentor recommended Appearance Medicine as a good fit for her given her interest in skin, its ageing process, and Dermatology as a whole.

After Jenni's first Botox training, where the attending doctors practiced on each other, her friends noticed a difference in her. Whether it was an increase in her confidence or a perception by those around her of being more attractive, she wasn't sure. However, she felt so empowered that she could manage her own ageing process, she decided right then that she wanted to be able to share this experience with others.

12 years later she is still as passionate about her job as ever, if not more. She is now also a passionate teacher in her field and like her mentor, works to encourage others into a field that empowers their patients at every step.

"It may not be a lifesaving specialty but it is a life changing one."

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