Let’s Make (salon waste) History


At The Face Place we like to think of ourselves and our clients as one big family and we want you to join us in making that one big SUSTAINABLE family.

To help make this happen, we are so very proud to announce that we have joined with Sustainable Salons and are the FIRST medical salon in New Zealand to do this.

The first!!

So what does this really mean?

By working with Sustainable Salons, we aim to reduce our landfill waste by 70%. Finding repurposing solutions that benefit the environment and give back to the community. For example, our plastic bottles, packages and bags will be recycled into new products and kept out of our oceans… Phew!

Then, to ensure we continue to be part of the happily ever after… all proceeds from the recycled materials will go to help feeding the New Zealand under privileged by a charity called Kiwi Harvest.


Here’s how we’re getting started on becoming sustainable:

  1. Dr Cat’s personal favourite – Black Bio Gloves! 

Did you know that common medical-grade gloves last a very long time (100+ years) and some are part plastic so may never truly break down. Being hygienic is VERY important to us, unfortunately this does mean we go through about 50 per day, that’s 20 boxes of gloves a week! These biodegradable gloves break down in 1 to 3 years depending on the environment or landfill they are disposed into! (It’s not perfect but it’s a great step in the right direction). 


  1. We are repurposing the plastic on our Botox vials! 

We’re a creative bunch at The Face Place and finding new ways to reuse materials is a big win. The rubber tops of our favourite little vials cannot be re-purposed outside of the salon (yet... although we’ve heard that some rubber is being turned into bricks to build homes in third world countries!) so instead we’re using them as needle holders!


  1. Our very own, tailored solution to dividing waste! 

Next time you are in the clinic you may notice 4 little white bins in each of our rooms. We’ve been given these to help make dividing chemicals, plastics, foils and plastic as simple as possible. We also have larger bins out the back.


If you would like to be part of this solution, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. By adding $2.00 to your bill you too can contribute to this process and help us reduce waste and feed more under privileged people. We're so passionate about this system that we have decided the first 3 months are actually on us! That's right, throughout June, July and August 2018, this $2 green fee will be taken care of by our team at TFP. Aside from that it’s business as usual for you, knowing that your choice to have us take care of you here is doing great things for NZ and the environment. Curious as to where the $2 goes?

Take a look at the 'full break-down' of the $2 green fee! 

Thank-you for your support in rolling this out with us. Now you can look good, feel good and do good!
Big love, team TFP 💕 


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