Why We Exist


"To help our clients live more fulfilling lives."

Some people think of treatments like Botox, dermal filler or PRP as a vain attempt to look younger and hold off inevitable old age a little longer. We see it differently.

The treatments we offer help our clients – men and women from their early 20’s up – to live their lives with greater confidence and fulfilment. So while yes, treatments like Botox or PRP can make you look more youthful and give your skin a vibrant glow, the real effect is that they give our clients the ability to step into their careers or relationships with renewed passion and confidence.

We believe everyone deserves to live life on their own terms. We make sure our clients do.


Our focus

Our focus is non-surgical cosmetic medicine where beauty and science combine seamlessly, providing luxurious solutions to leave you feeling great and looking even better. We aim to promote confidence and assurance in all our clients, providing exceptional education, service and results.

Renowned as New Zealand’s first medical spa and a world-class facility in Cosmedicine, The Face Place MedSpa only offers safe and highly effective methods of enhancing your appearance.
You will experience result-based treatments for the face and body, which promise to reduce your wrinkles, improve sun damage or enhance your features – and generally help you feel great.
All members of our team have undergone extensive training. All injectable treatments and BOTOX® therapy are only administered by our highly trained doctors and nurses. We were also the first clinic in New Zealand to offer “Less Ouch” BOTOX® therapy.

Our team is constantly researching and trialling new techniques in all avenues of cosmetic medicine, including the use of exciting new technologies that use your body’s own natural healing process to thicken skin, soften fine lines, reduce scarring and improve the skin’s luminosity and ‘glow’. With doctors, registered nurses and advanced skin care therapists on board, The Face Place MedSpa will find safe and effective solutions for all your skincare concerns.


Our Approach 

Not only do we see things differently at The Face Place, we do things differently. Our clients are fully informed men and women who like to make an educated decision based on expert opinion, up-to-date non-surgical Cosmedicine options, armed with the knowledge that our doctors, nurses and skin therapists are all highly qualified and receive ongoing training and education from around the world.

Our vision at The Face Place MedSpa is that each person touched by us will be inspired to be the best they can be. 

12 reasons our clients choose The Face Place MedSpa

  1. They will receive the ultimate non-surgical Cosmedicine experience and exceptional customer service.
  2. Their treatments will be tailored to their individual needs during a comprehensive 1 hour initial assessment.
  3. Their injectable treatments will give them natural looking results that look like a younger, fresher version of themselves.
  4. They will be provided with full education from our experts, prior to any treatment.
  5. They will be invited back for a free follow-up consultation 2 weeks after their treatment where they can see before and after photos.
  6. If there is anything they would like to discuss urgently we are happy to squeeze them in as soon as possible.
  7. Our highly trained team cares about them and their results.
  8. The Face Place MedSpas have the most up-to-date technology which we personally trial and test before using on them.
  9. Our doctors, nurses and therapists are all highly qualified and receive ongoing training and education from around the world.
  10. The Face Place MedSpa is world class. Our clients come from all over the world.
  11. They will walk out looking and feeling great. If they wish, our makeup artists will apply some beautiful mineral makeup before they leave.
  12. They value the way treatments make them feel – especially in relation to performing in their careers, but also in their day-to-day life.

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Opening Hours
Monday 10am – 5.00pm (Takapuna closed)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 6.30pm
Friday 9am - 5.30pm, Saturday 10am - 4.00pm