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Q&A With Medical Team Leader Queza

Our newest nurse has a long history in injectables that will truly add to the depth of our team knowledge. She’s even moved cities to join us! We chatted with Queza Bernardo about her training and talents as well as her off-duty life.

What attracted you to nursing as a career? 

I dreamed of being a doctor when I was younger and took up biology at university to prepare for medical school. However, I shifted to nursing and have enjoyed practicing in a few fields of nursing since. 

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Manila, Philippines, and completed my nursing education and training there. 

My family migrated to New Zealand in 2006. I visited them a couple of times until I relocated to live here permanently since 2010, so I’ve been living here for 12 years now. 

What inspired you to make the change into cosmedicine?

My first Registered Nurse job in Manila was for a dermatologist who practiced cosmetic medicine as well. I would assist her in performing anti-wrinkle and facial rejuvenation treatments. I became passionate about healthy youthful skin and supporting clients with their aesthetic goals. Fast-forward to six years later, I was working in aged care and coming out of maternity leave, I wanted to find a role that did not involve shift work. I came across an ad for a cosmetic nurse injector with Caci Clinic. I’ve been in cosmedicine ever since, and I’m still loving it! 

Queza with her three gorgeous young children.
Taking in some NZ scenery with her husband.

You have worked in cosmedicine for more than 8 years – what changes have you noticed?  

I’ve noticed that cosmedicine treatments are now more mainstream, thanks to the “Zoom face” and social media. More clients are open to sharing with peers what treatments they have, unlike before when it was almost taboo. There’s also a growing call to regulate the industry and increase awareness for client safety. 

There are clients that come in for a consultation who are not comfortable looking at themselves in the mirror when I ask them. It is always a special moment for me when they come back for a review, look into the mirror without hesitation, and are happy with what they see. My nurse heart does a secret happy dance whenever I get such an outcome. 

What is your favourite treatment to perform? 

I always tell clients that dermal filler for the midface is my favourite, as it gives a client the satisfaction of looking like they did a few years back. My other favourite treatment to perform is dermal filler for the lips. I’m not very good with painting or drawing, but give me a syringe with a fine needle, and rejuvenating lips is my art! 

This is big move for you – what Auckland things are you excited to do? 

The role is worth moving for! I am excited about the high-performance team and the culture at The Face Place. My husband and I lived in Auckland for a bit before we started our family, so I am excited to reconnect with friends from back then and to make new memories here with our children.  

The family loves exploring the outdoors, whether in Auckland or Wellington.
Out and about in Wellington before the big move.

Tell us about your life outside work 

I enjoy sharing my time with family and friends. I am a momma to three children who love the outdoors and would be in a car in five minutes if I told them we’re going to the beach! The last two years have been extraordinary, but I am returning to wellness exercises that I used to enjoy like hot yoga and the odd work-out with my gym-bunny husband. 

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